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Dr. Michael R. Burgdorf, MD

Plastic Surgeon


3803 Bedford Ave Suite #102

Nashville, TN 37215




Plastic Surgeon Details

At Music City Plastic Surgery, you will have an incomparable experience to other plastic surgeons. Dr. Burgdorf, our 5-star rated Nashville plastic surgeon personally takes the time to get to know you during your full 1-hour initial consultation. He listens to what you want improved and then explains your best options. In fact, many patients say, “I have learned more in the first five minutes with you than my previous consultations.

We strive to reach beyond aesthetics and beauty. Many plastic surgeons push their patients through the process and simply don't care about the person walking through their doors. At Music City Plastic Surgery of Nashville, Tennessee (TN), your success and satisfaction is our greatest reward. You’ll feel like family every time you talk with any of our friendly team members.

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